Herbal Oasis

Herbal Oasis


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Ingredients: Lemon Thyme, Linden Flower, Tulsi, Echinacea, Elderberry

Servings: 12 Tea Bags

For the perfect cup of Herbal Oasis tea infuse one tea bag per 12 oz of freshly boiled water, brew for 9 to 15 minutes. Best served with honey.
As a blend from the Rx series, Herbal Oasis is a powerful blend of herbs and flowers which boost your immune system, provide an increase in energy and help relieve stress. Known as one of our most herbal and strong remedies, Herbal Oasis will uplift your mood instantly. Enjoy this earthy blend with a smile.
Brew Time: 9 - 15 minutes
Tea Mood: Heal
Caffeine: Decaf
Tea Time: Evening


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